The Studio

Those looking for expertise or practical services in the conservation or restoration of modern or contemporary works of art can turn to The Protocol Room, which is inspired by Frederika Huys.

The studio always starts from an analysis of the artwork to determine which steps are needed for proper preservation. If damage has already occurred, the work can be restored in our studios or at the location where it is located.

The Protocol Room looks for the most optimal conditions for a specific work of art and stands for a multiple approach. In consultation with the collector, the artist, the gallery or the museum, the best options for the preservation of a specific work of art are considered. Contemporary artworks often consist of non-traditional materials that require specific approaches. They are often also related to a concept, an atmosphere or other intangible intentions of the artists, which can be taken into account when determining the best living conditions of a work. Where one work of art speaks for itself, the other work needs a ‘survival package’ that often includes artist guidelines, an installation protocol or set-up plans.